Srivathsan Murali

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I am a Software Engineer with 5 years experience, including exposure to C++/CUDA, Elixir, Golang, GNU/Linux Server maintaince.

I’m an active proponent of modern C++ and CMake. I often found myself pushing the code during code review to use modern features of C++ standards. Modern feature like std::optional and initializing in conditional statement make the code look much cleaner and easier to understand.


Programming: C++, C, Elixir, Golang, Python

C++ Frameworks: OpenMP, Eigen, OpenMVG

Elixir Frameworks: Ecto, Plug, Phoenix

Open Source Projects

DomSet Library [C++]Git

Exif Parser [Elixir]GitDoc

Other Projects Information about other projects I have worked on can be found at


Software Engineer, Nomoko AG, Zurich (Jul 2016 – Jul 2020)

Research Intern, SIMTech, Singapore (Jan 2013 – June 2013)


MSc in Robotics, Systems and Control, ETH Zurich (Sept 2014 – Jan 2017)

BEng in Computer Engineering, NTU Singapore (Aug 2010 – May 2014)