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2023-02-07 – Cherry-Picked Features from Go 1.20 via Anton Zhiyanov
Multi-errors, context cancellation cause, new date formats, and other notable changes.

2023-02-06 – Using Noodle via Open Source Musings

2023-02-06 – FediPoll via Kev Quirk
I’m going to be having some fun on the Fediverse over the next few days/weeks. If you’re comfortable doing so, please join in, as the more people who take part, the better. What is FediPoll? Well, I have a fair number of followers on Mastodon, aro…

2023-02-06 – Fast and dynamic encoding of Protocol Buffers in Go via Vincent Bernat
Protocol Buffers are a popular choice for serializing structured data due to their compact size, fast processing speed, language independence, and compatibility. There exist other alternatives, including Cap’n Proto, CBOR, and Avro. Usually, data structures a…

2023-02-05 – Prime Combination via jes's blog
You come across a 5-digit combination padlock. The combination is 10723. The padlock is currently showing 00001. If the combination is ever set to a number that is not prime, it resets to 00001 immediately, so every intermediate state from 00001 to 10723 a…

2023-02-05 – Custom Domains 101 via The New Oil

2023-02-04 – Regular Expressions in SQLite via Anton Zhiyanov
Use a robust pattern matching and text replacement tool from SQL.

2023-02-04 – The jargon treadmill via Arthur O’Dwyer
The phrase ["euphemism treadmill"]( refers to the process by which ordinary words referring to uncomfortable topics end up becoming "loaded," branded as uncouth words _per se_, …

2023-02-01 – Links Roundup - February 2, 2023 via Open Source Musings

2023-02-01 – On traveling and monotony of life via RoyalSloth Blog
Some time ago I was looking through job boards in order to check what kind of knowledge was in demand in the industry. If you stay at one place for a long time, it’s easy to have outdated ideas about the world since you are used to approaching things in o…

2023-01-31 – Why Use SQL Window Functions via Anton Zhiyanov
To build great analytical reports without Excel.

2023-01-31 – The beginner's guide to over­complicating coffee ☕ via Tyler Cipriani: blog
Complicated coffee: plain and simple. There’s a scene in AMC’s “Breaking Bad” where Gail Boetticher explains to Walter White how to make the perfect cup of coffee. And it all sounds so plausible—there’s a perfect coffee, and science will magic it for us. That w…

2023-01-30 – An Algorithm vs Time via Kev Quirk
Twitter is on fire, but is an algorithm better than a chronological timeline? During my regular perusal of Mastodon I’ve seen a number of people publishing posts like these… I didn’t hear about X in my timeline, that’s a failure on Mastodon’s pa…

2023-01-30 – Should private platforms engage in censorship? via Drew DeVault's blog
Private service providers are entitled to do business with whom they please, or not to. Occasionally, a platform will take advantage of this to deny service to a particular entity on any number of grounds, often igniting a flood of debate online regarding wh…

2023-01-29 – 2023 Review: IVPN via The New Oil

2023-01-29 – Training nanoGPT on my Journal via
Wouldn't it be great to have a pet AI chat bot that knows you really well, and can give you free consulting, coaching and therapy? What could possibly go wrong if an intelligent corporate-controlled system has unlimited access to your private data to pr…

2023-01-27 – Simple C++20 input and output iterators via Arthur O’Dwyer
Sometimes I find myself rewriting a snippet often enough that I realize I should just blog it; this is one of those times. Here's a simple way to type-erase arbitrary sources and sinks into C++20 input iterators and output iterators.

2023-01-24 – My plans at FOSDEM: SourceHut, Hare, and Helios via Drew DeVault's blog
FOSDEM is right around the corner, and finally in person after long years of dealing with COVID. I’ll be there again this year, and I’m looking forward to it! I have four slots on the schedule (wow! Thanks for arranging these, FOSDEM team) and I’ll be talkin…

2023-01-23 – The Cabinet of Wikipedian Curiosities via Sam Enright
I have spent a lot of time browsing Wikipedia. It’s one of my most common procrastination activities. For some time, I’ve been collecting my favourite articles, presented here for your reading pleasure.  I found some of these through @depthsofwikipedia, A…

2023-01-23 – Taking Notes with V-Notes via Open Source Musings

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