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2022-05-19 – A Brutally Simple Site via Kev Quirk
I teased last week that I’ve been working on a new brutalist design for this website. Well, this is the result. 🙃 A few weeks ago I wrote about the ... More -->

2022-05-19 – Potato Soup (Dairy) via Based Cooking
For the lactose tolerant. Serves many people or one person for many days. Ingredients Potatoes (yellow or brown), I don’t count but 10+ Butter, a stick or two Whole Milk Garlic Cheese (optional) Onion Greens (optional) Sour Cream (optional) Directions Bake the pota…

2022-05-18 – `std::relocate`’s implementation is cute via Arthur O’Dwyer
My paper P1144 “Object relocation in terms of move plus destroy” is still on R5 as of this writing, but I hope to publish P1144R6 Real Soon Now. I recently updated my Clang fork on to reflect the changes in R6.

2022-05-16 – Writing in Markdown with Mark Text via Open Source Musings

2022-05-16 – Why Northern Ireland Has No Flag via Sam Enright
I love flags. The power of a piece of cloth to motivate people to fight, revere, or weep is inherently interesting. Flag design is also a constrained optimisation problem: how do you trade off symbolism and simplicity in a rectangle (or weird double trian…

2022-05-16 – What's cooking on SourceHut? May 2022 via Blogs on Sourcehut
Hello everyone! We’re back at it for another month of news in the SourceHut sphere. Of our now 29,036 users, 630 are new this month: please offer them a warm welcome, and your patience, as they learn about the new platform. Comprehensive GraphQL-na…

2022-05-16 – Status update, May 2022 via Drew DeVault's blog
This was an exciting month: the Hare programming language is a secret no more! You can now try out the programming language I first teased over a year ago and tell me what you think. I hope you like it! I’m quite pleased with it so far. One thing Hare has don…

2022-05-14 – AirPods Pro – 1 Week Later via Kev Quirk
My new AirPods Pro (AirPod Pros? Airpods Pros? Pro AirPods? What a stupid name!) were delivered a week ago. Here’s an update… I GOT RID OF THEM! Yep, that’s right. ... More -->

2022-05-14 – A Hare code generator for finding ioctl numbers via Drew DeVault's blog
Modern Unix derivatives have this really bad idea called ioctl. It’s a function which performs arbitrary operations on a file descriptor. It is essentially the kitchen sink of modern Unix derivatives, particularly Linux, in which they act almost like a secon…

2022-05-12 – Alloy of Law (Mistborn 4) via Kev Quirk
I was struggling between giving this 2 and 3 stars. While I really enjoyed the original Mistborn trilogy, but Alloy of Law failed to captivate me in the same way. ... More -->

2022-05-12 – sqlite-utils: a nice way to import data into SQLite for analysis via Julia Evans
Hello! This is a quick post about a nice tool I found recently called sqlite-utils, from the tools category. Recently I wanted to do some basic data analysis using data from my Shopify store. So I figured I’d query the Shopify API and import my data into SQ…

2022-05-12 – When will we learn? via Drew DeVault's blog
Congratulations to Rust for its first (but not its last) supply-chain attack this week! They join a growing club of broken-by-design package managers which publish packages uploaded by vendors directly, with no review step, and ship those packages directly t…

2022-05-10 – Pages that didn't make it into "How DNS Works" via Julia Evans
Hello! A couple weeks ago I released a new zine called How DNS Works. When I started writing that zine (in, uh, January 2021), I originally had in mind a broader zine on “everything you need to know to own a domain”. So it had a bunch of pages on domain regi…

2022-05-07 – Disinformation, Part 1 via The New Oil

2022-05-07 – CNC milling machine project via jes's blog
I recently picked up an unfinished CNC milling machine project on eBay. All the mechanical work is done, and almost all of the electronics is supplied, it's mostly just wiring and software still to do, which for me are the easiest parts.

2022-05-05 – Two more musings on Clang diagnostics via Arthur O’Dwyer
As of this writing, Chris Di Bella is running a survey on /r/cpp asking what are the biggest pain points with Clang’s diagnostics. In the free-form text entry field, I made two observations, which I’m now expanding into a full-fledged blog post. (Don’t wo…

2022-05-03 – Meshmill: open source 3D CAM via jes's blog
For the last couple of weeks I've been working on Meshmill. It's a new 3D CAM program for Linux.

2022-05-02 – Links Roundup - May 3, 2022 via Open Source Musings

2022-05-01 – Moonlander XIII via RoyalSloth Blog
This story was written for a sci-fi contest, on the topic of “Life on the Moon in the near future” in less than 1000 words. For more info, see “3, 2, 1, landing,” was coming from the speakers while the crew o…

2022-04-30 – CTemplar is Dead (AKA Lessons About Email Sovereignty) via The New Oil

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