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2022-10-03 – Links Roundup - October 4, 2022 via Open Source Musings

2022-10-03 – Alternative revolutions via jes's blog
You can use the profile of an object that has rotational symmetry, but revolve it around a different axis, to produce a different object that has the same profile. It feels like there's a puzzle idea in there somewhere, but I can't work out the best …

2022-10-03 – The Rising Standard of Tech Literacy via The New Oil

2022-10-03 – Does Rust belong in the Linux kernel? via Drew DeVault's blog
I am known to be a bit of a polemic when it comes to Rust. I will be forthright with the fact that I don’t particularly care for Rust, and that my public criticisms of it might set up many readers with a reluctance to endure yet another Rust Hot Take from my…

2022-10-02 – Notes from kernel hacking in Hare, part 2: multi-threading via Drew DeVault's blog
I have long promised that Hare would not have multi-threading, and it seems that I have broken that promise. However, I have remained true to the not-invented-here approach which is typical of my style by introducing it only after designing an entire kernel …

2022-10-01 – Should I write an article or have a presentation? via RoyalSloth Blog
It all started one day when my boss called me to ask me a few questions about one of the ongoing projects. When I questioned his decision on having a meeting when a few sentences long email would do just fine, I was told that a meeting takes less time.

2022-10-01 – Chat log exhibits from Twitter v. Musk case via
This is a scan/OCR of Exhibits H and J from the Twitter v. Musk case, with some of the conversations de-interleaved and of course converted from a fuzzy scan to text to make for easier reading. I did this so that I could easily read this and, after reading…

2022-09-30 – GitHub's missing merge option via Tyler Cipriani: blog
github is a perfectly fine hosting site, and it does a number of other things well too, but merges is not one of those things. – Linus Torvalds Git possesses parts of a decent software forge. When git was developed by the Linux kernel community, they already…

2022-09-30 – How Long Should A Blog Post Be via
Cooper recently asked if there was word count threshold someone should meet for a blog post? The answer is no. Day 20 of the #100DaysToOffload 2022 Series.

2022-09-30 – Zaatar via Based Cooking
This is a traditional Palestinian-Lebanese way of making Zaatar. It can be then eaten by dipping bread in olive oil and in the Zaatar or as part of another recipe. Will hold for a long time in the pantry. This recipe scales for larger amounts so long you pre…

2022-09-29 – Tell Me A Story via
I’ve never been much of a podcast person. I’m not sure what it is about them, but they’ve just never been a thing for me. I do read a lot of stuff on the Internet, but lately even that has been harder to do just because I’m busy with other things. Today J…

2022-09-26 – 2022 Review: ProtonVPN via The New Oil

2022-09-26 – The Casio F-91W Is the Best Smartwatch via Kev Quirk
I recently stopped wearing my Apple Watch in favour of the classic Casio F-91W. This humble little watch is the best smartwatch on the market in my opinion. A little ... More -->

2022-09-24 – My Blogging Utopia via Kev Quirk
I’ve flip-flopped between a number of blogging platforms over the years, because none are perfect. Here’s my blogging utopia… For regular readers of this blog, it’s almost a meme at ... More -->

2022-09-24 – Solving Protohackers with via jes's blog
This post walks you through hosting a Go solution for the Protohackers Smoke Test problem using for free hosting.

2022-09-24 – What I’m reading lately: Borges, Jung, Hitchcock via Arthur O’Dwyer
The other day I read Jorge Luis Borges’ short story “Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius” (1940) for the first time.

2022-09-21 – How to Create a Simple HTML/CSS Notice Box via Kev Quirk
A few people have asked how I created my notice boxes, so I thought I’d write about how I did it. Hint – it’s just a bit of CSS, folks. ... More -->

2022-09-21 – Things I Recommend You Buy and Use, Sam Edition via Sam Enright
Sam Bowman began a trend in the blogosphere of recommending products, which was followed up by Rob Wiblin, Alexey Guzey and several others. While this concept might sound tacky, I have found these posts to be surprisingly useful. This is for a few reasons…

2022-09-21 – Grostoli via Based Cooking
Very popular fritter in Italian colonies throughout South Brazil. Not to be mistaken with Venetian Crostoli or Chiacchiere, even though those are still made. My grandmother’s recipe is more like Castagnole with Crostoli shape, with some post-Italian adapt…

2022-09-19 – Check Your Spelling at the Command Line with Aspell via Open Source Musings

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