Srivathsan Murali

Hi, I am Srivathsan Murali, a Software Engineer working on City Scale 3D Reconstruction at Nomoko AG.

I work on a daily basis in a tech stack that uses C++/CUDA and Elixir. C++/CUDA is used for the 3D reconstruction of cities from large scale image datasets that are captured by Nomoko.

Elixir is used to route the data from the drones used to capture the datasets to the storage servers and then to the processing pipeline that runs in our clusters. I implemented a set of services that communicate with each other using REST APIs to make sure the Data pipeline is modular and flexible.

If you would like to find some information about some of the open source projects I have worked on, please check out my projects page If you would like to discuss about any of my projects please feel free to contact me by email