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2021-07-28 – Topographic Map of Singapore #3dprinting

I recently purchased the Ender 3 V2 3D printer to print miniature for D&D and it has been great for that. I love being able to print any monster mini I need for a game. I have also been trying to do other prints with the printer, simple utility items. I had an idea to make a 3D topography map and as I am currently living in Singapore I decided to make one of this fine city.

2020-07-12 – Vdirsyncer and Khard #tech

In the last post, I discussed about how to setup calendar sync using vdirsyncer and how to manage the calendar in the terminal using khal. In this I will discuss how to sync your contacts using vdirsyncer and how to manage them using khard.

2020-07-09 – Vdirsyncer and Khal #tech

Calendar is a very important tool that most people use regularly to manage their time. I end up setting events for most things. Setting up a easy to use calendar that is synced across all my devices is important. I use Zoho Mail to host my email which also provides me with Calendar support. I will describe my calendar setup on my computers.

2020-07-06 – Curse of Strahd #dnd

Strahd Von Zarovich, is one of the best written villain in the D&D mutliverse. His backstory thrusts the party into a wonderful story about an endless life and power; and what that how that transforms Strahd and his conquered land into realm into eternal darkness and death.

2020-07-03 – Writing my next campaign #dnd

I have been playing D&D for the last three years and I absolutely love it. Like most people who start with D&D 5e, I played Dwarf Cleric in a “Lost mines of Phandelver” campaign. This led me to run three campaigns with two different groups of people over the last two years. And I have never felt joy in a hobby before. This post is going to walk through my current process to how I plan my campaigns and how I would like to improve.

2020-06-27 – Common Website Practices #tech

I have failed to build a ongoing blog many times. But always had followed many of them. I want to collect some common practices that I see in blogging practices and give my thoughts on. Just as a note to myself when I eventually decide to rebuild this blog once again. FYI, this will be evolving list.

2020-01-06 – Linux 101 - firewall #tech

Firewall is a utility that is used to filter packet traffic in a network. It is used to whitelist traffic certain ports. Moreover, the protool used can also filtered.