SM About Me

Hi. I am Srivathsan Murali — a Software Engineer living in Zurich, Switzerland.

This page contains a bit more information about me. I have worked on various software Engineering needs in the field of 3D Vision. My interests range from writing code recreationally, playing board games and table top RPGs, reading books when I have the spare time.

Software Engineering

I have worked with various different tech stacks for the purpose of different parts of team producing City Scale 3D Models.

C++, CUDA and Elixir to build software to produce 3D dense reconstruction of cities in a distributed manner. I also built a automated data retrieval and storage mechanism using interconnected services written in Elixir. The services communicate using a REST API that is also available users to query the server for information on datasets.

I also work on various side projects in spare time. I have built many projects that I find useful. I find working on side projects have helped me learn the pros & cons of languages. Also helped me choose the apt language for a specific project. If you would like to find some information about some of the open source projects I have worked on, please check out my projects page

Table-Top Games

My favourite hobby is to play table top games, either board games or RPGs. I enjoy all kind of games, but my favourites are worker placement games. Some of the board games I enjoy playing regularly are Pandemic, Stone Age, Ticket to ride and Betrayal at the house on the Hill. I truly enjoy collaborative story telling that comes from playing Role Playing Games such as Dungeons & Dragons, Fantasy AGE, Call of Cthulhu, etc.


Most of what I read tends to fantasy, historical fiction books. When I read books, I want to be put into a world of magic and mystique. Reading fantasy also has the added benefit of giving me ideas for my D&D campaigns.