SM Common Website Practices

Published on 2020-06-27 #tech

I have failed to build a ongoing blog many times. But always had followed many of them. I want to collect some common practices that I see in blogging practices and give my thoughts on. Just as a note to myself when I eventually decide to rebuild this blog once again. FYI, this will be evolving list.

1) HTTPS is a must.
Totally agree with this one. With Let’s Encrypt being an awesome non-profit Certificate authority, there is no reason, one should not have ssl certificates setup. Its 2020, this is the least expected.

2) RSS is still pretty good.
RSS is great and all blogs should have one. I tend not to follow blogs which don’t have rss feeds. Its just simpler.

Also add RSS auto discovery to all pages on your site.

3) Dynamic websites are an overkill.
Dynamic websites do make things easier but for a blog that is maintained by one single person, it is overkill. Static sites load faster and you don’t need any dynamic content.

4) Keep the website minimal.
People go to blog to read and it is always good to make the website simple to navigate and fast to load. No need for fancy JS or any moving parts.